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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  September 26, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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paul ryan on the ticket of just supposed to be the thing for the ticket. that is when mitt romney picked up. more than a few republicans wondering why the campaign is not showcasing it ryan now front and center, for a campaign concerned about its base, renewed focus on one guy who still jazzes that base, ryan, get used to seeing him, including this very show tomorrow. paul ryan, my exclusive special guest. charlie gasparino, a lot of republicans have been saying, what took you so long, what to you think? >> well, from what i understand, prominent business republicans, have given a lot of money to mitt romney over the last you know year. and have access to him through direct lior intermedia, voicing their concern he is not using paul ryan enough, and that he is been muzzling paul ryan, this is
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reached a sort of crescendo, talk it pointed where ryan has had to dispel the rumor or notion, i should say, he has been muzzled. neil: he is speaking everywhere. but media decides if they want tto pay attention. >> but what is he saying? is he taking the fight to president obama, who according to business community, is a vulnerable in a lot of different areas. neil: they are saying to each other, they did an intervention, say, come on, hello. >> i understand they have been ramping up their criticism, telling their people in the campaign, and getting damn close to the principles and wondering has the best weapon we have, a guy that is pretty smart, very
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well reported, and game for a fight, as congressman ryan, is he being muzzled as the potential vice president of the united states or nominee ar fore party for vice president. neil: to what end? mitt romney wants to win. >> i will say, two things, this so concerning this to the ryan -- romney-ryan campaign. and is this gets to the way the ryan campaign staff thinks they will win, they are running a hesitant, tentative campaign, they think that is the best way to do it that has been the mo from day one with this president. i am not a political guy, i can just tell you what people are saying. people that gave them a lot of money, and do not want to see 4 more years of president obama, worried it is way too hesitant, too tentative, and they are criticizing it for what they believe is muzzling one of their
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best weapons. neil: do they worry, the rich guys in party, pushing for this guy to lead the nation, this guy is still trying to calm up cash? >> they think that -- this is another thing, he spending more money, and ryan is spending a lot of money, more time and ryan spenspending time, raising mone, not doing what needs to be done. neil: but then they would not have money for the attack ads, and i don't see a lot. >> by the way he is supposed to have a lot of money. neil: what happened to the money? i hear from money guys who say, why did he let the conventions go by and obama out spend him 6 to 1 is, argument in final days of race there a blitz play or what. >> that is what they have been promising. neil: but if one out of three vote early in this country, he has not addressed that. >> i agree, the points that you are raising, is what the
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business community backers of romney and ryan are saying right now, and these guys are not tea party people, they are not idea logically opposed. they are worried about an inco n incompetent presidency, his stimulus package not working anywhere near his expectations, goes out and does something economically dumb, a mandate known as obamacare. neil: these echoes this service they are getting nervous in the business community. even as americans by their consumer confidence figures are getting more optimistic. >> and average americans may be getting more optimistic, looking at be round table, ceo survey, they are not, they look at economic and employment trends. neil: when your boss is not
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optimistic that should alarm you. >> that ceo survey index is like an economic indicator, is the lowest it has been since 2009, that is right after the financial crisis. that is not confidence among the ceos, that is why they are worries about 4 more yores of president obama and that is why they are freaking out. neil: charlie thank you, charlie gasparino, much more on the issue, mitt romney may be down in the polls but that is nothing compared it a bunch of business big wigs who are just down, period, fewer than every are looking to expand or hire, which explains why many are so down in this economy, our question is, how is it swing state voters feel up about things, and make sense of the president when folks who hire imare not. to -- hire them are not. noel, that is a big, big political disconnect. >> you know, i actually that is
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true, because i have to tell you, the cfo is the heart beat for corporate america. they are seeing you know the financial side of things, and they are negative, and depressed about it, that is something you should take notice. i just did a private round table for senator wicker out of mississippi. we had about 10 businessmen around for this fund-raiser, one of guys was a cfo of a very large company, and very well respected, senator wicker asked him, what do you think about the future? what is your feeling? he actually said, well, i'm loading up on gold bullion, i'm go to buy a farm in arkansas, i thought that should tell you a little bit about something. neil: they are not all that way, maybe, but, market last couple of days notwithstanding has narrowly, taken all this in
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stride. i am wondering whether you think to its own peril, or does is not see with folks like noel and other business titans are saying. >> i'm not sure that market see its long-term, you think about the cfo, they have to look at prism of a cfo and profitability going forward, and looking at the notion of this president for 4 more years, he will be unfettered with a european socialist model, they are concerned about, that unemployment above 8% for more than 40 months in a row, and customer for the cfo of company, income is down in last 4 years, and note worth down 40%, customers do not have money it spend, the cfos don't have money to spend, they have to respond to that. neil: noel, pass on a bite from
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rudy giuliani, with me earlier on fox news. that show president, panding his lead. he was not buying them. >> you think it is closer than it appears. >> do i think that obama has a lead, yes, i think all of us in romney campaign better take it seriously, and worse, he has a lead in some of those very key swing states. but by no means is that insurmount able. neil: a lot of swing states are beyond the margin of error now, where it could give republicans pause, the big money republicans panic. >> i worked for rudy giuliani, he is right on. he knows what he is talking about, i saw that segment, i was like, you go. he is telling it like it is. and they need to be worried about this what he is saying is true. and polls, i do think it is closer out there, i wish you
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know when people see a poll they see various numbers and up down, and five point spread, and here and there. but an average american, it would be operate to see how they poll -- would be great to see how they poll, and how they arrived at their answers, but i think we don't have this at all in the bag. i think that romney campaign needs to do what they are doing, focusing on raising cash, but you know, i think it is close. neil: you know, tye, as a market guy, they are looking i think at mitt romney and barack obama, as stocks, if you will. i want to buy this one or sell the president? buy this you know rising issue called mitt romney. and it seems like a lot of people have in media have shorted mitt romney. and either badgered him in press saying everything he say its stupid. and if is the way media covers them, as a result.
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he is damage stock coming out the gate anyway? what do you make of that? >> well, there is no question, he is not only running against barack obama but against the many stream media, if nothing else these polls, this should motivate mitt romney in the debate to put president on his heals and make him defend why we've had unemployment over 8% for 40 months in a row, and why the epa is enforcing things like cap and trade, that is not the law of the land, why it is a good thing for class warfare, and why higher taxation and penalizing be owners and job creators is a good thing, make the president defend that, if he does that in debates, it could be a game changer, that is the silver lining. >> thank you very much, coming up, panic in the pack. so many, guys are going full
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throttle. gretchen said, if big business of not handing mitt romney fat checks he would be in more trouble. >> and why one of the president's serogates say that jobs are much more than voters think. if they only knew what he knows, the president would not have a shot at keeping his job, after this. i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders
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neil: all right, to read sweepstake polls, things are swinging the president's way, folks believes that more jobs are on the way, for example. what if they are just getting jobs? don't believe me, believe democrat, a very well connected and respected party business titan. leo, you argue, it is coming down? >> well, we should as a nation
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be concerned about real unemployment. official numbers can be misleading on the way up and down. >> you say there are double what we're told? >> they are, we see this as early as 2006, we saw this trend underway, long before the '08 election, that women and men in real terms were suffering to any prior 9 recessions, since second world war, i think that is what the '08 campaign was about it was a jobs, jobs, jobs campaign. neil: you don't think they got distracted on other stuff. >> the hand that was dealt had a lot of differen distractions ino months we've seen 500,000 jobs created in real terms, twice more than twice the official numbers. neil: we're still down, net,
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4 million or so? >> you bet we are. -- >> hard for a president to get reelected on that, but he is polling well, despite that. >> looking in ohio in an earlier discussion with your guests, and a fox news segment, wisconsin, michigan, ohio, as a consequence of auto bail out has lower unemployment rates, official and in real terms than other states. this is not a hand -- >> thank you barack obama. >> i think -- there were 12 swing states toss up states when the campaign started about 18 months ago, they are now down to 5, 6, 7, they will be decided in employment terms. neil: leo, would this be a first if a president -- whether he is to blame for this or not, you know how it goes -- gets re-elected with that big of net decline in jobs. >> it will be if you look only
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in pure historical terms. this is not a cyclical environment we're leaving in this is structural. when president obama walked in real unemployment was 20%, it is now 17 that is not acceptable. neil: what it the mantra, the trend is our friend. they are moving in direct we would like, is that enough to hang a reelection hat on? >> i think it is when paul ryan sits out there as a fiscal conservative with specificity. the jargon of the day is everyone is now supposed to be a fiscal conservative, but paul ryan as we know is specific to what that means. you talk about throughout the nation, social security, medicare. neil: you like him? >> i think he as an opponent for this administration, absolutely. neil: why have they not used to charlie gasparino's point, more of him. >> he does not sell well after the pick. in terms --
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>> what you say about medicare, and entitlement rubs people the wrong way. >> the wrong way on peh pehl grs and head start. neil: i think general voter the right way, someone is saying truth full stuff, he is hardly godzilla. >> but coupled with the big issue of an independent block, and a big issue for women, as to whether they come down on one sider on the other, paul ryan, chosen to excite the republican base -- >> could boomerang . >> i think it already has. neil: there are a lot who don't like the president, don't see
11:19 pm
the economy record he brags but, you mentioned, they think that guy is out to lunch. >> that category can be characterized as multinationals who have been behind in shipping of jobs. neil: a lot of them don't like the fat cat thing, the rich thing. the class warfare thing. and some of them who like the president say enough already, just shut up. >> if we go to small and medium size companies. to the local chambers of commerce as opposed to u.s., there is a cleaving underway. neil: what does that mean? >> we've been friends and have these conversations we come down to a conclusion that only thing that is good for the country is a vibrant middle class, the multinational corporations did not fully represent that vibrant middle class. neil: is that a fair rap?
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>> sure, where has job offshoring come from? the multinationals not the sme's. neil: you think this president, what he is doing is the right direction? >> i think the alternative to bainize this economy, which is what governor romney would have us do. neil: what is wrong with that? >> you can't fix that unemployment conundrum. neil: and the government can. >> we have reached a tipping point. no matter who is in charge will not be able to fix the structural breakage in this economy. there is an appropriate partnership, we may give or terms and specifics but no beard with a thoughtful mind could say that private sector alone would lift this economy back to where it belongs, there are certain government actions that need to
11:21 pm
be taken as a comment to capitalism. >> you are now a socialist? >> not on the record. >> leo hindery, he actually does care about our country, clueless about that guy, but he does care, i'm kidding. neil: going the other way, do you remember yoko's big no, no, he wants to start a war on drilling, another hollywood hotshot giving her a run for her money, that is next, wait until yoko hears the competition, she will be hearing more of this.
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neil: matt going to the mat to take down natural gas drilling, joining celebrities such as yoko, who is literally screaming about this. what the fracq, hollywood needs to butt out. >> this is welcome. this is nothing but propaganda, this film is based on a real story, in pennsylvania, where there were 11 families who said their water was contaminated because of fracking. of course, matt damon and hollywood made it to a film to promote their liberal agenda.
11:26 pm
but only problem is that the epa went to pennsylvania, and found that the water are not contaminated. they have been forced to rewrite the script. since the facts go against their claims. neil: does it make a difference, in pennsylvania, i know there were these huge natural gas depossive finds, a lot of companies coming in offering, you know homeowners there large acreage. hey, want to to sell your land? like a modern day gold rush. that is something that damon focusing in on. but, that is nothing new. companies of all sorts characterize as mean, vicious and opportunistic. do you think this the register. among hollywood celebrities he is generally one of the more likeable. >> i think that people will like it and be influenced.
11:27 pm
it is important to get the message out there is a lot of mised in. becommisinformation about fracka lot of people think it will contaminate water, which is not the case, the only risk is if there is a well, that is poorly constructed there. these films do register with viewers, and may influence the way they view fracking and the companies. neil: one thing that has come up with the criticism with the companies into pennsylvania, they really low ball the offers on the properties of some of the people in pennsylvania, they take them to the cleaners. i have no idea whether that is true or not, but i know it is an easy target to say, see what the opportunist irk watctheopportun. >> no, i think that most americans realize that fracking is good, outside of hollywood, it comes, it brings jobs to a
11:28 pm
lot of states that need it right now we have high unemployment it creates jobs, and cheap, clean energy, and lowers our departments on other nations, -- depend ent on other nations. >> michelle thank you, michelle fields, in washington. >> thank you. neil: speaking of which owhole health care thing, think just because you work for a big company, you are covered? think again. and think that those small business guys are those dunking their plans because it is cheaper to pay penalty? think again. and forget too big to fail, try never too big to get sick. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla?
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neil: who knew, it's not just bakers and candlestick makers. halftime allow 3 to throttle reality, 6 out of 10 businesses gave obamacare the business, they all but gave it the finger. in a poll by national federation of independent businesses, 59% of members acknowledge that they will have to consider changes to their own plans, down to how much they change for those plans and even if they will continue offering them. 67% expect obamacare will raise health care cost, period. the fears are already affecting their plans, uncertainty over regulation, have resulted in one out of four of of these bosses, laying off workers, and many others killing while care health care coverage for remaining workers.
11:33 pm
just like i predicted, i am not one to brag, but what started small is now to medium and big businesses, health care is not making their bottom lines healthier, it is enough to make them sick, when the employees get the news even sixer. >> 30% are looking at drops employees from healthy care coverage, because of obamacare. >> remember that promise, if you like the plan you had you can keep it? try telling that to 20 million or so who are expected to lose health insurance at their jobs. neil: this mess may explain why no matter how bad polls look for mitt romney, a lot of,-types keep righting out checks to romney campaign, to woman who said without them romney would not be in the race, why pacs still pack a punch. this happy couple used capital one venture miles
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be happy. be healthy. neil: in no night biz blitz. mitt romney saying if president obama wins we'll turn into this. >> if voters give president's second term he will make our economy third world like greece. and pushing for a smaller government, good luck with that. lawmakers want to bump epa budget to 8.5 billion, and interior to 10.5 billion, i still don't know what the department of interior does, i thought it was decorating, i was wrong. president obama swinging by california against next week. he has spent more time there than in pivotal states like north carolina and pennsylvania, going after money not votes. he has raised 40 million-dollars
11:38 pm
there. mitt romney, has raised half that much in the golden state. >> despite all bumps, mitt romney is still raising big bucks, from those super paces. 150 million and counts, a lot from the business guys who do not like where this country is going, as bad as swing state polls like for romney now, he would be in deeper doo-doowithout that cash, that is amazing. >> this this economy, mitt romney should be leveraging that, we heard him talk about greece today that is a good thing, the more he can talk about the economy and debt, that is a great thing, however the super paces have kept him in the race. why, we have a long drawn out primary, have you super paces who are framing who president obama was, a like able character, majority of americans like him. that i want to believe in him, they want him to work. but the super paces ares are out
11:39 pm
talking about him framing him. they were keeping mitt romney in the fight. neil: but during the convention i remember, what is he doing with that money? he did not run ads then, mitt romney was out sent 6-1. >> that is why we've seen a turn in numbers of people -- >> what hades his strategy, to spend -- what is his strategy to spend it near the end like a macy's day fireworks. one out of three could have already voted like them. >> that is why everyone in washington tc is scratching their heads, but this week. neil: what are they telling them, you were pointing out before, a lot do it. but they are worried about the country, and they' to get the word out. typically, if you don't get what you like in a series of ads you
11:40 pm
up the anti and octane. >> you have to look at candidate and business leaders, you talk bread italkedabout it earlier, f government, where government is getting in the way, you will see an up in the anti. and nastier ads but you will have to see an up in the ante for the candidate himself and bring it across home plate. neil: a lot of those people take it off the table. >> have you seen over course of last week a few people wringing their hands and wondering and hemming and what youking, having said that -- hawing, you have to look at survey. majority of cfos believe we're
11:41 pm
off to a bad start, the economy is bad. they are not going to be hiring, 58% cite the fiscal cliff, another survey that was done by be round table talks about the not wanting to hire folks because of the economy and government policy. neil: but that is not what is getting out there, what is out there is narrative of mitt romney clueless, the 47 thing, he is the bain of his own existence. >> these folks top buy an election, we are talking about people who believe in the country and the economy and want to keep america at its best. they see a shift in government, and want it to change back. >> beyond margin of error in some states, and romney better get off his heiney and do something. >> this will be a close race, yes, we're front days away that is a lifetime in twitter world. neil: is that a split race like a ta 2000 deal.
11:42 pm
>> you are hearing a little bit more about voter fraud, about people hiring lawyers, and getting ready for a fight, i would not put that out of the question as being actually happening in 2012. neil: that was a nightmare, glitch en thank you, i know you were 10, but it was a nightmare. white house said that it economic trend is our friend. household income has not been friendly. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> are you better off than you were four years ago.
11:46 pm
neil: you know ronald reagan asked that in 1980. mitt romney is set to is that in next debate. some say it's not so simple, we're off of the worst of the meltdown so, technically better than those days but also 5 trillion deeper in debt, so we're worse, then housing and retail sales, that muddy it somewhat. there is a piece of data that is stark in its consistancey for barack obama cutting to the core of this country fragility. household income is falling, how much of a factor will it have on this election. to former fed governor randal, and advisory joannie, who they make on this, randal, how big of
11:47 pm
an impact. >> this is important, average americans have not made progress over last few years, some is due to statistics because average households a little bit smaller overtime. also we have more people on lower incomes but living off their savings, this is a mayor challenge and makes people feel uncomfortable. neil: what is interesting that goes into this, our portfolio our income, president will argue, well, yes, tech neckly but in the -- technically but in the last few months we've been picking up steam, will that be enough? >> i don't know, if comes back to how people are feeling. you know, we saw this week that consumer spending was also up. but inflation it even its out,
11:48 pm
and you know gas prices, have been the reason why consumer spends super people having to pay more for food. i -- so to look at the people are having to dip into their savings, and really take money out of their pocket, they are not making as much money, they are not keeping up with inflation, their confidence will not be good, i think that will be a concern for the american people. neil: you know, maybe randal, harkening back to your days on the fed. when people express more confidence in these surveys. like numbers out this week. do you guys measure that? do you see that is a quantif quantifiable economic booster. is that a good thing? >> well, certainly if people feel really uncertain about the
11:49 pm
future, they pullback. that is true of businesses, because of the uncertai unity ol -- uncertainty on fiscal cliff, and individuals they do not know if their house praise is going down or -- house price is going down or they will lose there are job, they will pullback a bit, certainly, looking good allows people to spend more, if they feel future does not look good, they will pullback. neil: joannie, well you know you are experts but i play one on tv, one thing i see of late is this minimal expectation as a country we have of numbers, of the environment. housing data is still bad. but as long as it does not keep going down we're grateful. we look at our 401(k) statements and you know, as long as they have not been halved. we're grateful if they tick up a little bit. so, that might change your
11:50 pm
thinking toward the reality if that reality for you is, years of pathetic numbers that are now not so pathetic. what do you make of that? >> i think that people are grateful it has not gotten worse, but there is still this uncertainty. neil: you say, you don't buy this optimism that seems to have festered of late? >> no, i really don't. because i think people are spending money right now, is they -- you know they might have to still pay housing makes up the biggest hot, most people are underwater in their homes, there is they are paying if are more for gas, and food, they are not taking those vacations, not getting raises at work or incomes increase. so, they their is still a lot of uncertainty, they are cautious, they are waiting to see what is
11:51 pm
going to happen, i think they are looking at both candidates' plans for who will have most job creation, and who will give them the best you know next 4 years. >> um, have people given up on the idea we can have another boom here? maybe because they have been pounded for years with this, boom days are gone. typical recovery, you see, job growth should be triple, these numbers should be off the charts. maybe people have gotten used to this notion, i guess those days are gone. >> i hop they are not, this is -- a hope they are not, this is what america is about. real positives for the future, for the ability to for someone to pull themselves up and have an opportunity for boom and growth, i hope people have not given up, i think there still hope we'll get back on track.
11:52 pm
i think there is a lot of unimportantty abouuncertainty al get there, but i don't think people have said no this is it. >> joannie? >> i would have to agree with that i certainly hope that people have not given up, highway patrol. hope, i think they know it south there but not sure how far on the horizon. neil: the light at end of double is just an oncoming train, you never know. >> thank you both. >> hopefully not. >> thank you both very much. >> you ever wonder who is behind >> you ever wonder who is behind these super paces, i found out, seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling.
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neil: enough and to write a check. a big check. i am so worried about the direction of the country i put my money on a guy who will change the direction of this country. that is why i find the issue of business people breaking out checks to political action committee to mitt romney and they're giving five times as many them barack obama. you could say they're looking out for themselves.
11:57 pm
barack obama does not flip over the fat cats. but there is something more going on. nobody likes to be called names but a few of them invest. these are the same folks sitting on corporate cash they will not put to work because this economy will work. for them to write checks out of their accounts speaks volumes. because so many feel the country is on the line. especially considering the trend of the market's. economic data has improved. either they're not impressed or they do not buy it. because it is not about short-term trends but the
11:58 pm
worry that is long-term. the movers and shakers are putting their own money down. they are fed up. the interview with paul ryan that shook up the republican convention. >> congressmen how did it go? you got a good feel? are you ready for tonight? how long will this speech take? neil: you probably caught the wave. he was very jealous of the impromptu one on one. paul ryan is back tomorrow. hopefully sitting in a chair and stick drowned for more than 35 seconds walking out of the building. this will be big.
11:59 pm
he is now back in vogue the republican ticket putting him out full throttle cocoa cocoa -- . where does he stop first? i am not one to brag. hello? paul ryan tomorrow. previous es. we hope to see you tomorrow. "money with melissa francis" is now. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. ahmadinejad takes the stage at the u.n. the iranian president ripped sanctions against his country but why is the largest oil trading firm in the world is reportedly buying from iran as we speak? how is this possible? we'll get insight from former u.n. ambassador to the u.n., stuart holiday. plus riots rock europe. hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets in athens following violent protests in spain. how far is the u.s. from crossing the


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